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Off-Label Use in Europe

Special issues in Italy and France: Consequences for EU-wide harmonisation?
  • Special issues in Italy and France: Consequences for EU-wide harmonisation?
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Wann 23.11.2016
von 09:00 bis 17:00
Veranstaltungsort Köln, Köln Marriott Hotel
Stadt Köln
Kontakttelefon +49 6221 500-696
Zielgruppe This seminar will be of benefit to all those working in the pharmaceutical industry
who need an in-depth understanding of the current off-label use regulation in
Europe and the opportunities and risks of off-label use. Those working in
#Medical Affairs
will especially profit from the seminar.
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This seminar addresses the different legal situations and the handling of off-label usein Europe. The recent course of action in Italy and France and the consequences for the harmonisation will be particularly discussed.

Our experts will provide detailed information on the following areas of conflict: medical affairs, sales, pharmacovigilance, legal andinsurance.

After the seminar you will be aware of the difference between advertising, information and pre-approval information for off-label use, how to get knowledge of off-label use and how to handle it. You will know who is liable in cases of damage and how to minimise the risk. Moreover you will under-stand the regulations for health insurance companies regarding off-label use promo-tion and reimbursement.



- Areas of conflict: medical affairs - sales - pharmacovigilance - legal - insurance

- Advertising vs. information - what is possible?

- Event of damage: consequences and course of action

- Off-label use: tolerated, promoted and reimbursed by health insurance companies?



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