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Medical Devices: Value Assessment/HTA in France, the UK and Germany

Eealth economics for Medical Devices - where are we heading in Europe?
Wann 25.09.2015
von 09:00 bis 17:00
Veranstaltungsort Hotel Palace
Stadt Berlin
Kontakttelefon 0621/500 685
Zielgruppe This meeting addresses the needs of managing directors and co-workers in the
medical device industry who are involved in market access and healthcare management.
Especially those who are responsible for the international business will benefit from this meeting.
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Aims and objectives:

Benefit assessment in the field of medical devices is of major importance in the national healthcare systems. This meeting focuses on the current developments and challenges in three major EU countries, while also examining trends and tendencies across Europe.

After having attended this meeting you will be aware of the current assessment  methods in France, the UK and Germany and have a sound understanding of the  upcoming trends to facilitate the market access of innovative medical devices.

- Evaluation of Medical Devices in France: "Forfait innovation"
- Benefit assessment in Germany
- Routes to market access in the UK
- Harmonisation of HTA criteria in Europe?
- Innovative technologies in the British NHS


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